Companies have a need to reduce fleet operating costs and obtain accurate data on fleet and asset activity and status. GPS tracking solutions help provide a way in which position, time, and velocity data can be collected. By collecting, summarizing, and presenting actionable data, companies can impact their business in the follow ways:

  • Reducing fuel cost by monitoring excessive idling and routing more efficiently
  • Increasing productivity and reducing overtime pay by dispatching more efficiently
  • Eliminating overtime fraud, after hours personal use of vehicle and company fuel
  • Documenting actual information such as miles driven, time on job, time card reporting, etc.
  • Lowering risk of liability from personal use/accident, company protection against false claims by proving vehicle stops, starts, locations, Camera recording
  • Educating drivers against speeding and lowering insurance costs
  • Save money on fuel, overtime pay, and vehicle insurance

TeMaDa Solutions

TeMeDa provides data to the customer who, through small applications, derives “Actionable Intelligence” to manage their mobile, portable and/ or fixed assets more efficiently and economically.  Multiple small applications allow each customer to focus on their specific needs.  TeMeDa charges a monthly fee for all services and equipment.  There is no capital expenditure for hardware and as long as the customer maintains a service agreement with TeMeDa, the customer will be insulated from technology obsolescence (replacing
hardware because of technology enhancements ie. 2G-3G). Our goal is to deliver the power of TeMeDa into your hands as quickly as possible.
  Our clients can initiate the TeMeDa system immediately upon delivery
and launch their business transformation to save costs, time and gain control of their operations.  

SmartWitness Solutions

After property, vehicles are often the most expensive asset an individual or business will own or operate. Yet whilst properties have an extensive collection of safety equipment installed, such as fire alarms, intruder alarms and CCTV systems, vehicles have been largely ignored until recently. Our industry leading vehicle equipment has produced exceptional results for our clients and provides solutions that undeniably redefine the way vehicle risk is analyzed.

At SmartWitness we’ve been providing in-vehicle cameras to fleet operators and private individuals since 2007. SmartWitness were the pioneers in creating the first commercial grade dash camera and today are recognized by Industry authorities as being the partner of strength in the field of in-vehicle CCTV and digital recording. Today SmartWitness are responsible for the protection of over 200,000 vehicles around the world covering in excess of 35 million miles every day.