TeMeDa GPS vehicle Management

Telematics Solutions have traditionally been hard to use, difficult to buy and overly complex. They’ve been expensive and have had a hard time delivering clear, indisputable value. We’ve solved that by creating a TeMeDa EaaS™ which is Everything-as-a-Service. With No CapEx and Low OpEx we’ve created the end-to-end best -in-class hardware, software and support system available today. Where we can address all of your mobile needs whether Asset, Worker or Work Management.

Real-Time Intelligence
Allied Communications is a unique organization which is transforming the technologies, communities, and the industries which can benefit from the superior TeMeDa GPS Tracking and Management Services. TeMeDa brings together superior teams to design and deliver the perfect solution for your business.

TeMeDa is the leading solution for GPS Tracking and Management 
Services providing a comprehensive suite of features to support you and your team in revolutionizing your business. Our leading consultants can help you to transform your operations, Click Here to Get Started with a free Business Consultation.

TeMeDa is a service solution. 

TeMeDa provides data to the customer who, through small applications, derives “Actionable Intelligence” to manage their mobile, portable and/ or fixed assets more efficiently and economically.  Multiple small applications allow each customer to focus on their specific needs.  TeMeDa charges a monthly fee for all services and equipment.  There is no capital expenditure for hardware and as long as the customer maintains a service agreement with TeMeDa, the customer will be insulated from technology obsolescence (replacing 
hardware because of technology enhancements ie. 2G-3G). Our goal is to deliver the power of TeMeDa into your hands as quickly as possible. 
  Our clients can initiate the TeMeDa system immediately upon delivery 
and launch their business transformation to save costs, time and gain control of their operations.
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TeMeDa’s MRM includes a range of functions such as vehicle maintenance, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, speed management, fuel management and health and safety management. It’s designed for managers who rely on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs, providing compliance with government legislation.

You NEED the TeMeDa Solution if you meet some or all of these. 

  • Have a local fleet of vehicles
  • Have 5+ employees
  • Have annual sales revenue of $1 million and up.
  • Have significant labor costs and overtime billed
  • Have problem validating time cards and work reports
  • Have increasing fuel and maintenance costs
  • Have a GPS system installed already or is aware of the benefits of a GPS system.