SmartWitness Solutions

SmartWitness benefits all parties involved in road incidents.

SmartWitness have prioritized innovation and the quality of our product line. We believe technology is at the foundation of driver safety and the key to reducing risk and making the roads a safer place for all. SmartWitness understands the challenges faced by fleet operators and insurers –and this has helped us develop products that work with more commercial insurers and telematics solutions than any other competing products.

CRX - 8 Channel Solid-State Mobile HD DVR
With Integrated GPS, 6-Axis G-Sensor, and 3G/4G/LTE
CRX – 8 Channel Solid-State Mobile HD DVR
With Integrated GPS, 6-Axis G-Sensor, and 3G/4G/LTE

Multiple Cameras

Connect up to 8 cameras per vehicle for maximum recording capture and increase blind-spot visibility for drivers.

Smart G-Force Sensor

Integrated 3-Axis G-Force sensors provide detailed impact & driving behaviour data. G-Forces auto-calibrate & are customisable per axis.

Telematics Integration

SmartWitness can integrate with 3rd party telematics software (aka GPS Tracking or AVL) for event video management & remotely streaming live video.

Built-in GPS

GPS provides crucial evidence in all road events such as vehicle location, speed, direction and accurate time/date and driving routes.

Audio Recording

Built-in microphones record crisp, clear audio inside the vehicle. Audio recording can be easily turned off in the settings.


From dual SD card redundancy to automatic SD formatting & system health checks, SmartWitness ensures your road events are recorded & retained.

170° Field of View

SmartWitness camera lenses capture the entire front and peripheral views of the road ahead for maximum evidence capture.

Cellular Video/Data Transfer

SmartWitness offers cellular-enabled systems which provide instant video and driving data within minutes of an accident or road event.

Automated & Secure

SmartWitness products are designed for automatic power-up, operation & shut-down. Our tamper-resistant designs reduce driver interference.