GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking Pittsburgh PA

TeMeDa Real-Time Intelligence 

Allied Communications is a unique organization which is transforming the technologies, communities, and the industries which can benefit from the superior TeMeDa GPS Tracking and Management Services. TeMeDa brings together superior teams to design and deliver the perfect solution for your business.

Allied communications specialize in providing solutions for your mobile assets using the leading enabler of intelligent action for your mobile and fixed assets, TeMeDa. By creating an easy to buy, easy to install and easy to use GPS solution we’ve helped unlock and harness powerful information for companies of all sizes. Whether you’re a mid-market sole proprietor or global multi-national we’re able to help you utilize your assets to their full potential.

SmartWitness Protect Your Investments, Save Money, & Reduce Liabilities 

The most valuable assets to a fleet company are their drivers, their vehicles, and their cargo. SmartWitness keeps an eye and ear on these assets while also recording crucial evidence from all important road events. SmartWitness systems are designed to be modular and fit the exact needs of our customers. Not only do we provide a whole lineup of hardware solutions, but our software is configurable to your specific recording and data needs.

SmartWitness encourages safer driving, reduces costs and increases efficiency.  We work with Fleets, Insurers, and Telematics Service Providers to identify, record and report key driving information in real-time. 

SmartWitness built-in GPS provides crucial evidence in all road events such as vehicle location, speed, direction and accurate time/date and driving routes. SmartWitness is an all-in-one asset management solution.

Proven Value

Reducing fuel costs becomes a primary method of addressing the impact this operational expense increase has on profits.  Key ways of reducing fuel costs include:

  • Reduction of Idle Time: By monitoring the length of time an employee is leaving the engine running while stopped (listening to radio, running A/C in summer, running heat in winter) operation managers can correct this behavior and reduce the amount of wasted gas each week. Some employees have idle times of over an hour every day. Each hour of idle time uses between .5 and .75 gallons of gas on a standard 8 cylinder engine. By reducing the idle time to nearly zero, there is the potential to save $350-$530 per year per vehicle while saving 115-175 gallons of fuel annually.
  • Route Optimization: After collecting data, fleet managers usually find ways to better route their employees between home and job sites. Companies are just now getting into using GPS data and running it through route optimization software which has at times reduced fuel expenses up to 15% throughout the fleet. Also, by using real-time dispatch and choosing the closest available technician to a new job, fleets owners can use less fuel with time by dispatchers finding employees.
  • Eliminating after hours/weekend use: By installing the GPS into company vehicles, employees can no longer take the trucks to side jobs or out of town without the fleet manager’s knowledge.  The vehicles are driven less miles and require less maintenance (Oil changes, new tires, etc.). The company is not paying for extra gas each week from trips resulting in off-time use.